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Navigating the intricacies of modern foodservice design has become more challenging than ever. At Restaurant Equipment Co., we specialize in crafting efficient layouts for your foodservice space. Our track record includes successful collaborations with numerous restaurants, cafes, breweries, and healthcare facilities. Allow us to leverage our knowledge and expertise to meticulously design your upcoming project.

Choose Restaurant Equipment Co. as your partner, entrusting the specialized design of your commercial kitchen space to our capable team. Employing Autodesk CAD, our designers can bring your vision to life, recommending the optimal kitchen equipment tailored to your requirements and budget. By collaborating with us, you can streamline decision-making processes, mitigate the risk of costly delays stemming from incompatible information and plans, and ensure a seamless execution of your project.

With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Restaurant Equipment Co. has actively contributed to numerous local projects. Collaborate with us to expedite your design process. As a proud member of a national buying group, we offer exceptionally competitive prices, leveraging the collective strength of a network comprising 99 dealerships nationwide. This amplifies our purchasing power, ensuring cost-effective solutions for your project.

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Are you in need of assistance in navigating your layout, exploring design options, or seeking guidance on a remodel? Allow us to support you with an early-stage consultation, empowering you to make informed decisions. Our services guide clients through equipment sizing, code compliance, subcontractor considerations, project timelines, and cost requirements. Whether your project is in the Exploration, Site Selection, Design, or Construction stage, we offer expertise and assistance to ensure its success.

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One of our team members will contact you to talk about your project goals and vision.

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Collaborating with you, our designers will craft a plan tailored to your space, menu, and labor needs.

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Partnering with Restaurant Equipment Co. allows you to construct with confidence, ensuring that every aspect of an excellent foodservice design has been carefully considered.

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